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Here you will see a little about us and where we live.

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Meet Kyler Steven Reynolds....My Grandson! Born 4/25/97

Meet Mr. Ken....finally taking a well-deserved rest!

And this is what I do in my spare time...

Meet Haley, living a "dog's life" on the farm!

Florida is the land of Fun & Sun

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The Legend of the Rainbow...

Once upon a time the colors of the world started to quarrel.

They all claimed they were the best, the most important, most useful, the favorite.

Green said: Clearly I am the most important. I am the sign of life & of hope. I was

chosen for grass, trees, leaves...without me, all animals would die. Look over the

valley's & the countryside & you will see for yourselves that I am in the majority.

Blue interrupted: You only think about the earth, but consider the sky & the sea.

It is the water that is the basis of life & drawn up by the clouds from the deep sea.

The sky gives space & peace & serenity. Without my peace, all would be nothing.

Orange started next to blow her trumpet: I am the color of health & strength. I may

be scarce, but I am precious for I serve the needs of human life. I carry the most

important vitamins. Just think of carrots, pumpkins, oranges. I don't hang around

all the time, but when I fill the sky at sunrise or sunset, my beauty outshines you all.

Red could stand it no longer. He shouted out: I am the ruler of all of you...I am the's blood. I am the color of danger & bravery. I bring fire into the blood. I

truly am the color of passion & of love, the red rose, the pointsettia and the poppy.

Purple rose up to his full height. He was very tall and spoke with great pomp: I am

the color of royalty & power. Kings, chiefs and bishops have always chosen me for I

am the sign of authority & wisdom. People do not question me...they listen & obey.

Finally Indigo spoke, much more quietly than all the others, but with just as much

determination: Think of me. I am the color of silence. You hardly notice me, but

with-out me you all become superficial. I represent thought & reflection, twilight

& deep water. You need me for your balance & contrast, for prayer & inner peace.

Rain began to speak: You foolish colors, fighting amongst yourselves, each trying

to dominate the rest. Don't you know that you were each made for a special purpose,

unique & different? Join hands with one another & listen to me. From now on when

rains, each of you will stretch across the sky in a great bow of color as a reminder

that you can all live in peace. The rainbow is a sign of hope for tomorrow. And so,

whenever a good rain washes the world, & a rainbow appears in the sky, please let us

remember to appreciate and Love one another. ~Based on a Native American Legend

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